Urgent Advice

Do you need urgent advice? Our team of experienced solicitors are available to contact out of office hours. Please e-mail first followed by a call to the relevant mobile.

Daniel Taylor

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You are most likely to need our urgent help in dealing with the media. For example:

  • A journalist may be outside your home or office and refuses to go away
  • You may fear that the media is about to publish a false story about you, which threatens to destroy your reputation, career or marriage
  • You may fear that the media is about to publish private information about you. They may have obtained this from a former partner, from your private diaries or you may even fear that someone has intercepted your calls or texts
  • You believe that someone is stalking you

In situations like these you need to stop the damage occurring. You need lawyers who are highly experienced and can act fast and efficiently. You may even need to apply to court for an injunction. We are the best people to help you because we know the key players in the media and the production schedules, as well as the relevant law.