Genie Abbott Paralegal with Taylor Hampton Solicitorsblack and white photo

Genie Abbott

Genie joined the firm in January 2022 in a Paralegal role having graduated from the GDL on a scholarship in September 2021. With a Masters Degree in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia, Genie has worked in the theatre and virtual reality industries as Writer and Manager of Communications and understood the rights of artists and content creators, developing skills at researching and communicating complex issues to a wide variety of clients.

With an interest in Immigration, Media and Art Law, Genie has written articles about international law for Yet Again UK and has worked as a Paralegal at Brooke Gordon and arbitrated a large, international and contentious case. As a Caseworker at Care4Calais, she has helped prepare paperwork, legal documents and substantive interviews for asylum seekers who are entering the UK immigration system.

Genie enjoys conducting legal research, writing articles and assisting the teams.