Family Hacking


“Hacking” is the interception of another individual’s email account, social media, text messages or voicemail messages without their consent. The law recognises that an individual has a reasonable expectation of privacy with regard to their private communications. Accordingly, any interception of such communications by a third party without consent is nearly always unlawful.

Much has been written about the antics of journalists and private detectives hacking into the voicemails of celebrities, but these practices increasingly happen in a family setting.

In cases where a husband, wife or partner believes that the other is cheating, it is now common to hack into their phones, tablets or computers.

Another setting where this happens is when a couple are divorcing or dissolving their civil partnership and they suspect that their ex-partner is hiding evidence of his or her wealth. In order to discover whether a former partner is concealing evidence about their assets, the husband, wife or civil partner hacks into their former partner’s electronic devices to discover the truth.

We also come across cases where one partner hacks into the other’s emails to see what advice their solicitor is giving them about a divorce. Another case involved one partner hacking into his ex-wife’s phone to discover a pin number used for dealing shares – and then selling them.

Our solicitors are at the forefront of numerous successes involving phone hacking, for those in and out of the public eye. We have an enviable reputation for handling email and social media cases effectively. We know how to take quick and efficient action against all forms of hacking and force the perpetrators to stop their activities immediately.


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