Phone Hacking

Phone Hacking

Taylor Hampton’s solicitors were pioneers in phone hacking litigation, initially against the publishers of the News of the World and subsequently against Mirror Group Newspapers.

Our actions against News International were pivotal to the downfall and closure of the News of the World.  Subsequently, the firm represented several claimants in the landmark case of Gulati v MGN where record damages were awarded following years of phone hacking.

We have successfully acted for the largest numbers of phone hacking victims.

Taylor Hampton’s clients include individuals both in and outside of the public eye.  Victims of phone hacking include individuals who come from the world of business, politics, sport, media, music, film and television. Phone hacking has also affected the lives of members of the public who have been victims of crime or suffered a personal tragedy. This behaviour by the press and private detectives has often compounded these individuals’ feelings of loss and grief.

Victims of phone hacking have described the devastating impact this activity has had on their lives and those close to them.

A well-known female actor, who was a client of Taylor Hampton, told the court in a landmark case that phone hacking had wrecked her relationships, led to her son being bullied at school and caused her pain and trauma. One of the consequences is that she had wrongly believed that those close to her were responsible for stories about her life appearing in the media.

Another client of the firm was a respected TV producer who told the court that phone hacking led to the breakdown of his marriage with his actor wife. At trial he stated that his wife and her family wrongly believed he was leaking information about their private lives to the press and said that phone hacking had caused a great deal of distress and broke the trust that had existed in his marriage.

As well as phone hacking, the firm’s solicitors have acted for victims of email hacking. Those who have suffered this sort of intrusion can be high profile individuals of interest to the press, or people who have been hacked by their employers, and others whose emails and texts have been hacked by their husbands, wives or partners when divorcing or separating. Visit our Family Hacking page.

“Sterling performance from Taylor Hampton” - Lord Carlile of Berriew


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