Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Disputes

Taylor Hampton specialise in all aspects of intellectual property disputes. These include breach of copyright, as well as infringement of trademarks, patents and designs. Where a breach has already occurred, we can act quickly to recover damages for loss or license fees.

Information can be spread rapidly on the internet. The speed and permanence of online publications and social media means it is crucial to act swiftly to prevent unlawful use of your intellectual property.

It may be some time before you become aware that your rights have been breached, and often your reputation will already have suffered damage. This can happen if someone has been attempting to ‘pass off’ your property as their own. Quite apart from the theft of your intellectual property, the difference in quality can have a negative impact on your brand and reputation.

Where you suspect that someone has infringed your intellectual property rights, our solicitors will help you stop the unlawful use, and pursue a claim for damages on your behalf.

Where appropriate, we have successfully recovered damages for our clients to allow them to offset the damage done by the breach to their intellectual property rights.

We are also experts in defending clients if they have been wrongly accused of breaching another company’s intellectual property.

This is a complex area of law and arguments about rights frequently escalate, sometimes as far as the Supreme Court. It is important that you choose a firm that have a thorough understanding of these matters. Taylor Hampton’s solicitors are experts with a proven track record in all aspects of intellectual property disputes.


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