Contractual Disputes

Contract Disputes

A contract is a legally binding agreement or promise which forms the basis of a commercial relationship between at least two parties. A legal contract can be enforced by the law if it is written (express) or oral (implied). Typically, a contract will be for the supply of goods or services, although it can be in respect of any subject matter. Disputes can arise over claims regarding the terms, obligations, or rights in the contract, or because a party to the agreement breaches the contract.

Contractual disputes are sometimes unavoidable in business. They can be disruptive and damaging. Clear, tailored legal advice can be crucial at an early stage to manage disputes quickly and effectively in order to minimise the potential impact to you and your business, save costs, and protect your rights, interests and reputations.

We have significant experience with dealing with contracts arising in many different industries, including entertainment, technology, finance, property, construction and corporate.

Types of Contractual Disputes

Our solicitors have significant experience of handling a wide range of disputes, which can arise from issues such as interpretation, performance, or enforcement of a contract. We will work closely with your to understand your individual issues and commercial goals in order to build appropriate strategies.

Typical examples of contractual disputes include:

  • Poor workmanship
  • Unsatisfactory quality of goods
  • Lack of reasonable skill and care
  • Delayed performance
  • Non-payment of goods or services
  • Breach of express/implied terms
  • Breach of consumer regulations
  • Misrepresentation
  • Disputes over the meaning of terms within a contract


If a legally binding contract is breached or issues arise in relation to performance under it, there are several ways in which our solicitors can help you remedy a dispute.

Common remedies we can help you to archive include:

  • Monetary Damages – a claim for loss or damage caused by a breach of contract;
  • Specific Performance – a court order, for the contract to be performed, and the obligations contained within the contract to enforced;
  • Declaration – a court order, declaring the contract null and void. This will oblige the party who has breached the contract to put the ‘innocent party’ back in the position he/she was in before the contract was entered into;
  • Injunction – a court order preventing the offending party from taking certain actions.

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How can We Help?

Resolving contractual disputes can be complex and costly. It often requires careful examination of the contract terms, communication, and negotiation between the parties. To manage and resolve contractual disputes, specialist tailored advice should be sought at an early stage. At Taylor Hampton, we understand the impact that a dispute with a significant supplier or customer can have on a business and its reputation.

Whether a dispute relates to employment, business deals, suppliers or customers, we assist professionals and businesses across a wide range of sectors, providing a comprehensive review to resolve disputes as quickly and effectively as possible.  Our solicitors have deal with all manner of contractual disputes and have the expertise required to resolve issues appropriately. We will work with you to understand the contractual intricacies, clarify the intentions of each party, determine the rights and obligations of each party, and establish a fair and appropriate remedy for any breaches or losses suffered.

Whether a binding agreement has been breached or, if one party fails to fulfil an obligation to acceptable standard according to its terms, we will strive to help you resolve any dispute quickly, cost-effectively and without escalation. Where our you are keen to preserve commercial relationships and prevent adverse publicity, we can help you to avoid the costs and stress of litigation through careful negotiation or other alternative dispute resolution. Where this not appropriate, however, our solicitors will pursue or defend your position robustly, whilst carefully guiding you through the process.


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