Professional Negligence

Professional Negligence with Taylor Hampton

If a professional has breached a duty to practice their specialism with reasonable skill and care, you may be able to make a claim against them for professional negligence. Claims can be brought against a range of professionals, be it healthcare, solicitors, accountants, financial advisors or architects.

How will we know if professional negligence has occurred?

  1. Defining the Claim

At its core, a professional negligence claim serves as a legal avenue to seek compensation when a professional’s misstep results in tangible financial losses. This legal wrongdoing is encapsulated in the term “negligence.”

  1. Establishing Liability

The bedrock of such claims lies in establishing the professional’s failure to execute their duties with the expected care and skill. This is the threshold for proving negligence.

  1. Recoverable Losses

The canvas of recoverable losses extends to those that are directly linked to the professional’s oversight and are reasonably foreseeable. Compensation aims to remedy these financial ramifications.

  1. Duty to Mitigate Loss

Amidst the aftermath of an error, clients bear the duty to take reasonable steps to mitigate their losses. Failure to do so might jeopardize the prospects of securing compensation.

What are some considerations in Pursuing a Claim?

  1. Viability of the Case

The decision to embark on a professional negligence claim hinges on the strength of the case. If the professional is covered by insurance, early settlements are often sought as a means to mitigate reputational damage.

  1. Timely Action

Temporal constraints play a pivotal role, with a typical filing window of six years from the occurrence of the mistake. Seeking legal counsel promptly becomes imperative to navigate this timeframe effectively.

Why choose Taylor Hampton?

With over 30 years of experience, Taylor Hampton has significant expertise in addressing the complexities of professional negligence, often intervening at advanced stages to rectify situations gone awry. Our highly experienced solicitors can offer clear, sensible and effective assistance to assess the merits of your circumstances and provide the best advice to guide you through the process and procedure of pursuing a professional negligence claim.

Our team are experts in assessing whether professionals have been negligent, making and defending claims, seeking out of court settlement and pursuing and defending claims in court. Taylor Hampton understands that if you have suffered loss because of incorrect advice or avoidable mistakes, this can have a long-lasting impact on your financial well-being. Our work highlights in this area speaks to our proficiency in unraveling complex litigations, consistently securing funds for clients who have borne the brunt of professional negligence.

Our successful professional negligence claims work includes:

  • Taking over the claim of a high-net-worth business owner and entrepreneur, who had previously lost at trial. We successfully mitigated the client’s loss during a detailed assessment of costs. At the same time, we advanced a claim against the client’s former solicitors for professional negligence in their original handling of the case. We successfully recovered £1.65m for the client, and clawed back a large part of the financial loss he suffered when his original claim failed.
  • Taking over the running of a property developer’s claim at a very late stage. Our solicitors unraveled the complicated litigation, and brought a successful action against his former solicitors, when the client was under severe pressure from the original proceedings. We managed to successfully recover over £1m for the client to offset the damage done by the original legal action.

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