Professional Negligence

Professional Negligence

Taylor Hampton’s solicitors are highly experienced in taking action in relation to professional negligence, including those against experts and solicitors. We also act against healthcare professionals in clinical negligence claims.

Our solicitors have over 30 years’ experience in dealing with complex and lengthy disputes, the outcome of which can have a profound effect on individuals and organisations. This is often the time when clients feel that the pressure of litigation is at its highest. Our solicitors are experienced in taking over legal proceedings at a late stage, when things have gone wrong. Our knowledge and skill come to bear when dealing with complex and high value actions, when it can be difficult to straighten out matters that have gone wrong.

We have acted for a number of clients in cases involving professional negligence, and are well practiced in untangling complex litigation, while pursuing separate actions against those professionals who have fallen short of their duty of care. We have successfully recovered money for our clients to pay for the damage caused by professional negligence.

Previous cases include taking over the claim of a high net worth business owner and entrepreneur, who had previously lost at trial. We successfully mitigated the client’s loss during a detailed assessment of costs. At the same time, we advanced a claim against the client’s former solicitors for professional negligence in their original handling of the case. We successfully recovered £1.65m for the client, and clawed back a large part of the financial loss he suffered when his original claim failed.

We also acted for a property developer and took over the running of his claim at a very late stage. Our solicitors unravelled the complicated litigation, and brought a successful action against his former solicitors, when the client was under severe pressure from the original proceedings. We managed to successfully recover over £1m for the client to offset the damage done by the original legal action.


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