Immigration team: pricing information

As an SRA authorised firm, we are required to publish price information in relation to certain standard services we provide. Please note that the figures provided are indicative figures and do not reflect the complexity or nuances of an individual case, so you should always contact us to discuss your particular work and fees.

Fixed fees and hourly rates

We will usually agree a fixed fee with you to assist with an immigration application – see below table.

In some circumstances we will charge an hourly rate and in such instances the costs are:

  • immigration solicitors £350 per hour (+ 20% VAT)
  • paralegals £150 per hour (+ 20% VAT)

When we are instructed on an hourly rate basis, we try to give you a full estimate before you instruct us.

Our typical fixed fees are as follows:

(all fees below are exclusive of VAT at 20%)

Application type Typical fixed fee/range
Skilled Worker 2,500-3,500
Sponsor Licence 3,500 – 5,000
Global Talent (including endorsement application) 6,000-£8,000
Tier 1 (Investor) 5,000 – 20,000 (5,000)
Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Ext 8,000 – 20,000
PBS Dependant 2,500
UK Ancestry 1,500 – 2,000
Startup/Innovator (excluding endorsement application) 3,000 – 5,000
Tier 5 1,500 – 3,000
Representative of an overseas business 3,500 – 6,000 (3,500)
Visitor (including for business or to visit family in the UK) 1,250 – 2,500
Student 1,500 – 3,000
Graduate Route 2,500
Child Student 1,500
Partner of a British citizen/settled person 3,500 – 4,000
Child of a British citizen/settled person 1,500 – 4,000
Parent of a child of a British citizen/settled person 2,000 – 4,000
Indefinite Leave to Remain (in various categories) 2,500 – 5,000
SET (LR) 2,500 – 5,000
SET (O) 2,500 – 5,000
Naturalisation as a British citizen (AN) 1,500 – 3,000
Registration of a child as a British citizen (MN1) 1,500 – 3,000


We are also happy to agree fixed fees in relation to other types of matter, such as Tiers 2 and 5 sponsorship licence matters, and administrative reviews, appeals and judicial reviews of Home Office decisions. These fixed fees will be based on the estimated time to completion of the matter, based on our hourly rate of £350 per hour, plus VAT at 20%. They will depend on the particular circumstances of the client, but the factors which are relevant to the level of these fees are similar to those listed below for immigration applications.

Where possible we will agree a fixed fee for most work as set out in the table and it would normally fall within this range.  Simple matters could cost less but more complex matters or matters that develop in an unexpected way for example due to a change in circumstances could result in an increase in fees.  However, if there are unexpected complications we always inform you immediately to discuss the potential consequences, and likely impact on our fees, before they are incurred.

What our fixed fee covers

Our fixed fees are based on work that will be carried out in a standard application, to include:

  • meeting you or speaking on the telephone to take detailed instructions on your situation
  • advising you on which is the appropriate immigration application in your circumstances, and whether your application meets the relevant legal requirements
  • considering relevant documents
  • advising on the relevant application process
  • preparing and assisting with the submission of your application, including completing the relevant application form and requesting and reviewing or drafting relevant documents
  • advising you on timelines and the outcome of the application
  • liaising with the UKVI about your application, including writing a cover letter for your application and submitting documents

What requires a higher fixed fee?

Our fixed fees may be higher where one or more of various factors make the matter more complicated than a standard application, including:

  • if there are particular practical aspects to your application that will require additional work to a standard application, e.g.:
    • where you travel frequently
    • where there are relevant parties in different countries
    • where there is a requirement for urgent/expedited assistance
    • whether it is a fast tracked/premium service
  • if there are aspects of your case which are legally or factually complex/do not clearly meet the requirements of the Immigration Rules or other relevant law
  • if you have a complex immigration history/you are an overstayer/have a criminal record
  • the number of supporting documents, statements/letters to be prepared and/or reviewed
  • if expert evidence is required, which will involve us liaising with a relevant expert and reviewing the report
  • if the application will require our personal attendance (a UKVI interview or application centre)
  • if there are dependants, their number and if there are any complicating factors in relation to their applications
  • bespoke additional services agreed with our client on a case by case basis

Services normally not included in the fixed fee

Unless we confirm otherwise, our fixed fee will not include:

  • assistance with document procurement from overseas authorities
  • advice on whether there are any tax or other fiscal implications of the application; or whether an application may have any implications for other citizenships held
  • any work after an application is submitted other than advice on a successful outcome, in particular:
  • advice and assistance in relation to any rejection or refusal of an application (e.g. administrative review, appeal or other form of challenge)
  • dealing with non-standard requests for additional documents or further information sent by the UKVI

Additional costs

In most applications, the main additional costs will be:

Application processing time

Application processing times and procedure are subject to  the co-operation of UK Visas and the Immigration/Home Office. Processing times and procedures will vary depending on whether you are making your application from outside the UK or in the UK and because we are reliant in some respects on you and others for information. It will also depend on the type of application, your circumstances and how complex your case is.

UKVI decision-making times will depend on the type of application, where it is submitted, and whether any priority services are used. Not all UK Visas and Immigration posts overseas offer the full range of priority visa processing for all the application types.

Standard processing times are published by the UKVI:

Team qualifications and experience

We have an Immigration team with a wealth of experience and who will work with you to deliver solutions that are right for you. Work on your case will be carried out by a solicitor, with the assistance of paralegals. For more information on our immigration team, see our Head of Immigration, Leena Chouhan.

For further information please contact our Immigration team Contact Us · Taylor Hampton Solicitors

Information on all team members can be found on the team website page: Our Legal Team


Costs Related to Conditional Fee Agreements

Basic charges

If you “Win” your claim, you are liable to pay our basic charges, our disbursements and the premium for any insurance policy you take out as set out in the Terms and Conditions document.

The amount of these costs is not based on or limited by any damages you receive or the amount of costs that we may recover from your opponent. However, provided you Win your claim, you are entitled to seek recovery from your opponent of all our basic charges, our disbursements and the premium for any insurance policy you take out (save that you cannot recover any part of the premium which relates to interest or the charges raised for funding your own disbursements). 

“Win” is defined in this Agreement as “your claim is finally decided in your favour, whether by a court decision or an agreement to pay you damages or in any way that you derive benefit from pursuing the claim.”

If you lose your claim, you are not liable to pay any of our basic charges. However, you remain liable for your opponent’s legal costs or a percentage of them and your opponent’s disbursements. We will attempt to obtain an insurance policy for you which will provide cover for this risk.


Disbursements are payments we make to third parties on your behalf such as the court issue fee, court application fees and travelling expenses. The largest disbursement is likely to be the court issue fee. This fee goes directly to the court and is set according to a schedule that can be found in the court’s leaflet EX50. You are entitled to seek recovery of our disbursements from your opponent if you “Win” your case.

There are two ways of funding our disbursements. The first is paying for them privately yourself. The second is borrowing the money via a disbursement funding scheme. We will discuss both options with you at the appropriate time.

Shared Costs

This litigation is being managed by the court and the court has ordered a series of complex directions, which include a Costs Regime Order and a Costs Sharing Agreement. In simple terms, these documents provide for the sharing between claimants of some of the legal costs of work carried out for or in relation to all the claims (“Common Costs”).

Work, whether individual or Common Costs, may be carried out by solicitors other than Taylor Hampton and if so, such work will be carried out as Taylor Hampton’s agents.

Separately to Common Costs, some work carried out by or on the instructions of Taylor Hampton is done for your benefit and other clients of Taylor Hampton who wish to be or are claimants against the opponent. Taylor Hampton will divide the costs of such “General Work” equally between all their clients for whose benefit it is carried out and your liability under this Agreement will be for an equal share of such costs.

The shared costs described above are all subject to the terms of this Agreement. i.e. you will not be asked to pay any shared costs unless you “Win” your case and you are entitled to claim any such costs from your opponent.