UK Immigration & Visa Services – Testimonials

Loretta has been very helpful assisting my wife with her UK entry visa. She has always been attentive to our needs, responded in a timely manner, and given us clear and unambiguous advice.

I would recommend her to anyone needing assistance with UK immigration.

Retired partner of a Big 4 accounting firm

由于我的一笔资金被英国MONESE公司扣压,经本人多次催讨无果的情况下, 是彭律师及泰汉律师事务所帮我要回了这笔钱。彭律师及泰汉律师事务所办事效率值得称赞,并在此致以深深的谢意!

A British company recently froze the funds in my bank account. I was unable to unlock the account to retrieve the funds. I am delighted to have had Ms Pang at Taylor Hampton Solicitors who assisted me with contacting the company in the UK and they have subsequently released my funds and provided me with full access. Ms Pang and Taylor Hampton Solicitors are commendable for their efficiency and I would like to express my deep gratitude to you!

Mr JiDirector of a Chinese company based in Italy

Our experiences with Loretta and Taylor Hampton were one-hundred percent positive. Loretta was our direct contact. We could not have hoped to find a better lawyer - one who was always prompt and thorough in her dealings with us - as well as a delight to interact with. Of course, we will be again looking to retain your services: no one better!

Dr Knight

First of all, thank you so much for all of the work that you have done over the past couple of months! Both of you, Nelli and Fanru, are great and working with you has been a great pleasure. I have worked with a number of immigration advisors in the past, from premium boutique firms to multinational corporations, and I have never worked with anyone who was as committed, pro-active, and helpful as both of you! Thank you, once again, for all your time and hard work.

Tech Nation Global Talent visa holder

The splendidly set-out cover letter that Loretta prepared, the experience and diligence that Loretta brought to handling our application, and the sheer professionalism that she brought to searching and laying out the extensive documentation…all earned our profound gratitude.

Mr Zen

Thank you for your efforts Loretta in our sponsorship licence.

Mark A.

Loretta is the most professional and dedicated lawyer that I’ve ever met. I am deeply moved by her hard work.

Ms Li

It was a pleasure working with Loretta who has been extremely helpful and thorough. The entire process was extremely professional and smooth despite a few challenges that me and my family presented Loretta with out of the blue.

Mr Arvai

Excellent Service!

John Torode, MasterChef

Loretta fully understands our situation and provides us with the best option for dealing with our case. Loretta is organised and professional and she knows Chinese and Cantonese which is helpful for my husband and me.

Ms Huang

Loretta’s approach was very professional and thorough, and this gave our client a lot of confidence that the visa decision would be favourable.

Mr Steiner

Working with Loretta on my application has been a delightful uncomplicated operation. After emailing the firm to enquire about their services, I received a call form Loretta within the hour. She explained to me in comprehensive and clear articulation how the firm would assist me in my application as well as all the steps and waiting time for my application. She was also very honest in relaying to me the risks and difficulties associated with this visa scheme as it is a rarely granted one. This was all conveyed through Loretta’s pleasant and joyful demeanour. She was also kind enough to let me know that the Home Office doubled their Exceptional Talent visas, just as I was beginning to feel anxious about my hopes.

As we began the application process, we curated a list of potential candidates to endorse my visa. Loretta was able to narrow it down to the three strongest people. I believe, without her guidance I may have faltered and only chosen the most well-known only, rather than the ones with the strongest resumes and relevance to my talents. As I spent most of this period in Kenya, it was very easy carrying on our conversations as Loretta was very quick to reply to emails and was able to call me at my most available, even being able to summarise the calls we just had. This was an example of her diligence and meticulous work ethic. Loretta also cleverly handled the big issues I had going in such as how my artist name differs from my birth name or how my art doesn’t neatly fall into the category of just ‘photography.’

I was greatly impressed by the number of documents Loretta was willing to print out, highlight and collate on my behalf as my evidence of press and appearances. She also managed to include a last minute addition which was an email I received from the Tate Modern asking me to participate in a future exhibition. We both knew this was crucial as it was an example of the future work I could do in the U.K. if I remained. Once receiving my endorsement from the Arts Council, Loretta prepared my application for the Home Office very diligently and carefully. We remained in close contact even up to the stage of collecting my BRP card. This displayed Loretta and the firm’s devotion to their clients.

Overall my experience with Loretta and Taylor Hampton has been very positive. This is a visa scheme that most people have very little or no knowledge of. As someone from a country that has never rewarded this especially in the arts, this would have been a very daunting and convoluted journey, but my experience was the opposite of such.

Mr Kariuki








经过大家的努力,我们发现了一个在英国正在兴起的医疗网络预约服务的市场,其中有一公司正在高速发展,他们不仅需要资金,而且还需要丰富行业经验的专家加盟。而我正好是非常适合的人选。后面的事情进展就相对顺利许多,项目计划书,投资调研,资金投入,面试准备……这里补充一下,虽然在面试的过程中回答的并不完美,甚至在一个常识性的问题上有明显的错误,但由于项目计划是按实际情况做的,我的计划书又是经彭律师(Ms. Loretta Pang)的审核及修改以满足内政部的要求,计划书本身没有什么漏洞。因此面试的小错误并没有影响我和我家人的T1签证,从而顺利获得了我们的T1签证。此外,彭律师(Loretta)在我面试之前也有为我作充分的面试的培训,这对我回答内政部的其他问题也提供了极大的帮助。



Mr Song

Overall my experience with Loretta and Taylor Hampton has been very positive.

Isaac K.

I trust Loretta very much in handling my legal matters and I respect her professionalism. Whenever I need legal assistance in the UK, Loretta will always be my first choice.

Ms Gao

I would most certainly recommend Loretta and would like to continue working together for the next step of the EEA Family permit process.

Ms Meilida

Jenny and I are really thankful and grateful for the excellent services provided by Taylor Hampton Solicitors. You made the whole process easy and straightforward, which resulted in a positive outcome in just a few weeks. If we had done the application alone, we believed it would have taken us a year to achieve this result. We would definitely recommend your law firm and highly commend your work. A lot of our friends asked us how our application went so quick and obviously we told them that we hired the best solicitor in London - Loretta Pang from Taylor Hampton

Mr Desplace