Taylor Hampton Update on Global Talent Visa

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Global Talent Visa for UK Immigration

This article provides an update on the Global Talent Visa.

The UK’s Global Talent Visa replaced the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa in February 2020. It assists experts in particular sectors to move to the UK to live and work as experts in their field.

Photo of talented woman global talent visa

Global Talent Visa, Photo by Michel Catalisano

Before you can apply for the Global Talent Visa you must apply for endorsement. This means obtaining consent from one of six endorsing bodies approved by the Home Office. For academic roles, such as those in science, the Home Office requests you to apply for endorsement from the following: The Royal Academy of Engineering, The British Academy, UK Research and Innovation or the Royal Society.

Where do I apply for Arts or Engineering Roles?

If you are applying for the visa based on arts you must apply through the Arts Council. If you are applying through the field of digital information technology, your route is through Tech Nation.

Applying for endorsement is not an easy process. Because each endorsing body has completely different rules and requirements it is tricky.  Therefore you need to understand what can count towards endorsements.

You can apply for the Global Talent visa as someone with ‘Exceptional Talent’ or someone with ‘Exceptional Promise’. ‘Exceptional Talent’ is the route for someone more established and with significant contribution as a leader in their field.

Are there specific criteria for applicants?

Yes, there are criteria you must fill in order to qualify as  ‘Exceptional Talent’ vs. an ‘Exceptional Promise’ candidate. Therefore Exceptional Promise applicants will not yet qualify as leaders in their field. For instance it might be either because they are relatively in their careers or for other reasons. Consequently, this visa is a route to settlement with people who are ‘Exceptional Talent’ individuals getting a faster route.

Where can I ask about the Global Talent Visa?

If you want to apply for the Global Talent Visa based on your ‘Exceptional Talent’ or ‘Exceptional Promise’ contact Leena Chouhan Head of Immigration at [email protected]

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