UK Immigration Minister comments on new visa scheme

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The UK’s Young Professional Visa Scheme

This article is an update on our reporting on the UK’s Young Professionals Visa Scheme.

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The new visa scheme

Now, the UK government has stated that young professionals from India and the UK can apply to live, study, travel, and work for up to two years in each other’s nations.

In fact, the reciprocal Young Professionals Initiative, the first of its kind, offers Indian and UK citizens the chance to discover new cultures and contribute skills to both economies.

Second, Indian citizens who qualify for the program can now participate in a free 48-hour vote from which 2,400 randomly chosen applicants will be invited to submit their visa applications. Applicants must be Indian citizens, between the ages of 18 and 30, and degree-holders. Later in the year, there will be another election.

Young Professionals Visa Scheme

Young Professionals Visa Scheme

When can British Citizens Apply?

British citizens who are eligible and interested are welcome to apply at any time to the Young Professionals Scheme. Better still, they do not have to go through a ballot process.

The UK Encourages Young professionals from both nations to visit each other’s country and take part in this cultural interaction. Indian National newspapers reported widely on this opportunity for local citizens as in this example.

Comment from the Immigration Minister

Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick said:

“The Young Professionals Scheme is a unique opportunity for British and Indian graduates to experience the richness of a new culture and way of life while building their professional experience and expertise. This new scheme illustrates the importance of our relationship with India and will bring great benefits to both countries.

I encourage young professionals from India and the UK who want to share their skills and talents to apply.”

Therefore, it seems that The Young Professionals Plan is an important component of the UK-India Mobility and Migration Partnership, which was signed in May 2021, and it serves to demonstrate the strength of the economic and cultural ties between the two countries.

Young Professionals Visa Scheme
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