A Fintech case study for the Global Talent Visa

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A Fintech Global Talent Visa Success for Taylor Hampton!

This update highlights a Fintech global talent visa success for one of our clients.

Taylor Hampton assisted a client in receiving an endorsement for a global talent visa from Tech Nation. As a result, we are now working on the Stage 2 application in preparation for his arrival in the UK this Spring.

The Fintech Sector and Global Talent Visas

The Fintech industry is now booming globally.  Because of its premier position in the global financial market, London has become a key target fro immigration for Fintech executives, startups and entrepreneurs. Most importantly, the relevant drivers on the fintech scene are as follows:

  • technology demand
  • capital and investment
  • regulation policy
  • talent
  • future technology

Case Study

Our client created a blockchain startup. Its purpose is to assist SME’s achieve the best terms for trade financing from over 40 financial institutions. As a result, the client now proposes entering the UK to start a venture capital firm. Accordingly, he will help other blockchain founders (such as himself) by providing finance and support for growth.

A case study for global talent visa

Taylor Hampton assists Fintech Companies

The team at Taylor Hampton assisted by proving his ‘exceptional talent’ capabilities. We put together a personal statement detailing his successes in blockchain, financing and mentoring over his career. Second, our team assisted by Evellyn Geemon also put together evidence of his successes. In particular we gathered evidence of investments in our clients’ startup through media reports and articles in the news. Additionally we compiled financial statements from the startup as well as letters from other prominent players in the field. All of these vouched for his talent in the global talent endorsement application.

For more information:

In Conclusion,  more details on applying for a global talent visa and global talent endorsement contact [email protected]. In fact, Leena has had many years experience in handling tricky Visas and heads up our Immigration Team. Leena’s profile can be found HERE.

We are now actively helping clients in the FINTECH sector.