Australian Migration, New Moves by the Albanese Labor Government

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Facilitating Growth and Fairness: A New Era for Australian Migration in South Australia

In a significant move aimed at addressing critical skills shortages and fostering economic growth, the Albanese Labor Government has forged a groundbreaking migration agreement with the Malinauskas Labor Government. This milestone agreement marks a pivotal moment in Australian migration, particularly beneficial for South Australia. The agreement is titled “Nurses, trades, and teachers in, red tape for employers out: A better migration agreement for South Australia”. In fact, up to 2000 positions are being made available for regional employers outside of Adelaide. Therefore, the initiative aims to alleviate local worker shortages. Also it’s goal is to enhance essential services in regional South Australian communities.

Objectives of the Agreement

One of the primary objectives of this agreement is to streamline the process of acquiring skilled workers. In particular, it targets sectors crucial for regional development. The influx of care workers, nurses, and teachers into regional areas will address immediate labour shortages. However, it will also contribute to the overall well-being and growth of these communities. Additionally, the agreement extends its benefits to the burgeoning tech economy in Adelaide. This makes it easier for businesses to hire tech workers. Moreover, Government anticipates this will promote innovation, stimulate economic growth, and generate jobs for local South Australians.

An integral aspect of this initiative is the reduction of bureaucratic hurdles for employers. Accordingly, the Albanese Labour Government is increasing the jobs offered under the agreement and simplifying various requirements.  As such it aims to empower businesses and catalyse economic activity. Notably, occupations such as bricklayers and construction workers have been added to the list. This recognises the diverse skill sets essential for driving infrastructure projects and economic development.

Crucially, both the Albanese and Malinauskas Governments prioritize the safety and welfare of migrant workers. Acknowledging the importance of fair pay and working conditions, the governments are committed to ensuring that migrant workers are treated equitably. This commitment underscores a genuine tripartite collaboration aimed at fostering a migration system that serves the best interests of South Australians.

Comment by Immigration Minister Andrew Giles

Andrew GIles Australian Migration Minister for Australia

Andrew Giles MP.

Federal Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, and Multicultural Affairs, Andrew Giles, emphasised the government’s dedication to rectifying past shortcomings in immigration policies. He highlighted the swift action taken to overhaul the system, making it more accessible and equitable for South Australians. Giles reiterated the multifaceted benefits of the South Australian migration agreement and its positive impact on business, workforce and communities.

Echoing Giles’s sentiments, South Australia Deputy Premier Susan Close underscored the pressing need for skilled workers in regional areas, particularly in healthcare and education sectors. She emphasized the pivotal role that skilled migrants would play in addressing these shortages. Especially it will bolster essential services in regional schools, aged care facilities, and hospitals. Additionally, Close emphasized the agreement’s role in facilitating South Australia’s transition to a high-tech manufacturing state. Thus, enabling employers to access the necessary skills to capitalize on major projects and drive economic diversification.


In conclusion, the migration agreement between the Albanese and Malinauskas Governments heralds a new era of opportunity and growth for South Australia. The agreement impacts critical skills shortages, reducing bureaucratic impediments. Second,  it prioritises the welfare of migrant workers. Third, this initiative embodies a commitment to building thriving, inclusive communities and fostering sustainable economic development. As the agreement unfolds, it reshapes the landscape of Australian migration. Indeed, paving the way for a brighter, more prosperous future for South Australia and its residents.

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