Displaced Talent Mobility: A Catalyst for Positive Economic Impact in the UK

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What is the Displaced Mobility Pilot?

The Displaced Talent Mobility Pilot (DTMP), launched in 2021, is a resounding success. Notably, skilled refugees in the program generated nearly £1 million in income tax and national insurance contributions since its inception. This success can be attributed to the UK government’s commitment to aiding refugees in finding safety and employment within the country. Participants are successfully employed in diverse roles such as engineering, paralegal, construction management, and software development. Because of it’s success, the DTMP has been extended for another year. The government is now encouraging employers to engage in hiring skilled refugees.

Endorsement by Minister for Immigration

Minister for Immigration, Robert Jenrick, affirms the importance of the Displaced Talent Mobility pilot, stating, “Our Displaced Talent Mobility pilot is a safe and legal route that ensures refugees can rebuild their lives in the UK, contribute to society, and integrate into local communities swiftly. Therefore, I encourage more companies to take part in the pilot and consider the skills and talent that exist while providing opportunities for refugees to live independently and contribute to the UK.”

Eligibility Criteria

The DTMP is aiming to connect approximately 200 individuals with employment opportunities. With nationals from Syria and Afghanistan being the predominant focus. However, the pilot is expanding its scope beyond Jordan, Afghanistan, and Lebanon nationals, now welcoming refugees and displaced individuals from all nationalities and locations.

Operational Framework:

The DTMP operates by having employers sponsor candidates through the Skilled Worker Route. This pathway allows applicants priority processing and case management support to overcome administrative hurdles such as acquiring passports, travel documents, employment references, and tax records.


Ensuring Protections

Candidates enrolled in the program are provided with safeguards in case of job loss. This ensures that they are not sent back to a country where they may face danger. Participants receive a 5-year Skilled Worker Visa, followed by eligibility for Indefinite Leave to Remain. The pilot serves as a ‘proof of concept,’ evaluating the viability and necessity of a more permanent solution, such as a Displaced Talent Visa.


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