Due Diligence in Fine Art Transactions and why the art world is exposed to risk

By 28th May 2020 No Comments

Taylor Hampton Solicitors assists with due diligence in fine art transactions. The firm is a founder member of The Art Due Diligence Group.  The ADDG features in this fascinating article just published exploring high value art dealing. Importantly, the article examines the requirement for due diligence.  Additionally, it suggests why actors in the art market do not conduct the necessary checks before buying and selling. This results in exposure to risk. Following on from this the article examines the work of the ADDG in supporting buyers, sellers and intermediaries.  Taylor Hampton’s Art Law Department assists clients of the ADDG with art-related services.  For instance, these include, actions for art fraud, litigation, reputation management, privacy and other legal services for artists, art advisors and UHNW individuals looking to protect themselves and their assets.  Consequently, if you buy and sell valuable paintings, you need to contact us.

Leading art technology company ArtRatio  publishes this article. ArtRatio supports the preservation and conservation of artworks.