Fashion Design Success with Global Talent Visa for Taylor Hampton Solicitors

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Fashion Designer UK Immigration Case Study

We are excited to announce that Taylor Hampton Solicitors successfully represented a client in receiving a positive outcome for their global talent endorsement. With a 50% rejection rate for applications such as these, the solicitors at Taylor Hampton Solicitors The client was an Indian national who applied for endorsement from the Arts Council of England. The applicant was a fashion designer who applied for endorsement in the ‘Exceptional Promise’ category of the global talent visa.

Colour photograph of models Taylor Hampton Solicitors assists fashion designers

Taylor Hampton assists fashion designers with immigration to the UK

The applicant needed to provide evidence in the form of three letters of endorsement from industry leaders (which in her case were other recognized fashion designer whom she had worked for previously), proof of orders placed (such as invoices from clients for her product or for the products she had designed while working with other designers), proof of significant industry recognition and proof of media recognition. The proof of significant industry recognition was evidenced through supporting letters from other industry leaders who could vouch for her talent and for the fact that she was a rising star in the industry. We were able to prove significant media recognition by attaching evidence of her work in media such as fashion magazines and articles by online news outlets.

The Process for Global Talent Visa Applications

As receiving a positive endorsement application is only the first step in order to apply for the global talent visa, Taylor Hampton Solicitors is currently working with this client in order to convert their endorsement into the global talent visa. On receipt of this global talent visa (via the exceptional promise route), the client will be able to apply for settlement (indefinite leave to remain) upon the completion of five years in the UK. Upon completion of the settlement and the required residency period in the UK, the client will also be able to apply for British Citizenship in the future.

For more information please contact: [email protected].  See Leena’s profile HERE