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Have you been affected by the HBOS banking scandal?

By 3rd February 2017 June 27th, 2017 No Comments

Harry Wilson (February 3 2017). You sold your souls for sex and swag, bankers told. THE TIMES.

”A former banker was told he had “sold his soul for sex, luxury trips, bling and swag” as he and five accomplices were jailed yesterday for a scam that involved stealing millions from struggling businesses.

The sentences were the culmination of a five-month trial that exposed how the crooked bankers conspired with the consultants to asset-strip HBOS business customers who had been put into the lender’s Reading-based specialist unit for firms in financial difficulty”.

Did you have any dealings with Lynden Scourfield or David Mills at the Reading branch of HBOS that has affected your business?

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