How can hotel chains achieve effortless immigration sponsor licences?

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Immigration Sponsor licences for Hotel Chains


The hospitality sector is growing and regenerating since the lockdown. Hotels are now employing more staff from overseas.

Taylor Hampton Solicitors recently assisted a chain of hotels in Wales in securing their sponsor license. The hotel chain approached us requiring help to employ their new CEO. The CEO was a dual Australian and Serbian national.

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Another win for Taylor Hampton Solicitors immigration team.

To comply with the Home Office rules and regulations relating to sponsor licenses the company applying for these must allocate an Authorising Officer, a Key Contact and a Level 1 User.

What are the roles of the applicant Company staff?

  1. Authorising Officer – The authorizing officer essentially ensures the company fulfils all the Home Office listed duties listed under a sponsor licence.
  2. Key Contact – This employee is the first point of contact between the organisation and the Home Office.
  3. Level 1 User – This person is responsible for using the Sponsor Management System (SMS). They will carry out SMS duties, such as assigning CoS’s, renewing the sponsor licence before it expires and more.

Handling tricky situations

In the case of the chain of hotels, Taylor Hampton Solicitors had already assigned employees these different roles. However, unbeknownst to the team at Taylor Hampton, the employee assigned the role of Authorising Officer had resigned.  This important contact no longer worked in the organisation. Therefore the Home Office sent Taylor Hampton Solicitors Immigration Team a request for further information and a new Authorising Officer. Despite being unaware of the changes, we managed the situation with ease. We used our experience, liaised with the Home Office and ensured there was another employee registered as Authorising Officer. As a result, the chain of hotels still achieved their sponsor licence in time. This shows how important it is to have the right specialists reacting quickly to any given challenges.

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