How to obtain a UK Visa from Sydney

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UKVI launches Super Priority Visa service in Sydney

This article explains the UKVI Super Priority Visa service for applications from Sydney, Australia. From 16 January 2023, Australian residents applying for a UK visa in Sydney, Australia, will have the option of paying to get a faster decision on their application.

Who is eligible?

Customers in specific regions of the world can choose to pay for a Super Priority Visa (SPV) in addition to the visa fee to receive a quicker response to their visa application. Currently, no new family or settlement applications are eligible for the programme.

Customers who use SPV can learn the outcome of their application for a UK visa by the end of the following working day.

What is the cost of the Visa?

Currently, the Super Priority Visa Service costs £956 in addition to the usual visa application charge.

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What are the waiting times?

A standard UK visa takes 15 working days to process; however, because of evenings, weekends, and national holidays, certain applications may take longer.  For each visa category, the most recent waiting times for visa decisions are available on gov.uk. Additional details on the prioritised services for applicants outside of the UK are also included in this.

For More Information

To learn more about this Special Priority Visa which you can obtain in Australia for the UK , contact Leena Chouhan on 02074275972

The firm also handles Australian migration through our sister organisation Emigrate to Australia.

Taylor Hapton Assists with Special Priority Visa

Special Priority Visa for UK from Australia