Immigration Application Fees are changing, Taylor Hampton Update

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Navigating the New Immigration Application Fees in the UK

In recent years, the landscape of immigration in the United Kingdom has witnessed significant changes. Therefore, 2024 is proving to be no exception. Taylor Hampton Solicitors’ immigration department is here to guide you through the latest updates regarding application fees. We ensure applicants are well-informed and prepared for any upcoming submissions.

Understanding the Changes

One of the most notable adjustments refers to limited leave to remain applications under Appendix FM. The government omitted this from last year’s fee increases. However, with the introduction of the Immigration, Nationality and Passport (Fees) (Amendment) Regulations 2024, these applications will experience increases effective from 24 July 2024. Additionally, several other application fees are set to change, including those for passports and various immigration routes.

Key Dates and Fee Amendments

The changes are scheduled to roll out on specific dates throughout the year. Each change will target different aspects of the immigration process. For instance, on 4 April 2024, amendments relating to the Appendix Immigration Salary List will come into force. Similarly, on 10 April 2024, a new fee waiver process will be introduced for Hong Kong British National (Overseas) applications. You may also know this as the BNO.

New Fees and Considerations

Among the new fees is the introduction of charges for contact point meetings. So, these are crucial for assessing progress against an applicant’s business plan under Appendix Innovator Founder. Furthermore, adjustments to existing fees for various applications, including visit visas and limited leave to remain, will soon take effect. It’s essential for applicants to stay informed about these changes to avoid any surprises during the submission process.

Passport Fee Increases

On 11 April 2024, passport fees will also see an increase, emphasizing the importance of planning ahead for any passport-related applications. For instance, the fee for an adult online application will rise from £82.50 to £88.50. Additionally, fees for utilizing the Border Force fast track service will be standardized to £10 from 1 July 2024.

Transitional Provisions and Future Developments

Transitional provisions are in place to accommodate cases where fee waiver applications were submitted before the fee increase, but decisions were made afterward. Moreover, looking ahead to 10 September 2024, new fees will be introduced for the approval of sponsors under the Sponsor a Worker scheme. This marks the beginning of a new digital process set to be trialed from Autumn 2024.

Staying Informed and Prepared

As these changes unfold, it’s crucial for immigrants and their representatives to remain vigilant and proactive. Navigating the complexities of immigration applications requires thorough understanding and careful planning. At Taylor Hampton Solicitors, our immigration department is committed to providing expert guidance and support to ensure a smooth and successful application process for our clients.


The evolving landscape of immigration application fees in the UK underscores the importance of staying informed and prepared. With changes set to take effect throughout 2024, applicants must understand the latest updates to avoid any disruptions or delays.

At Taylor Hampton Solicitors, we are dedicated to helping individuals navigate these changes with confidence and ease, ensuring their immigration journey is as seamless as possible.  Contact Leena Chouhan, our Head of Immigration for more information.  We help to navigate the often complex Home Office rules which a constantly in flux.

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