Taylor Hampton acts for Paul Burrell to win damages for phone hacking

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MGN apologises to Paul Burrell

MGN apologises to Paul Burrel in the courts today. Taylor Hampton successfully obtained damages and an apology from Mirror Group Newspapers Limited on behalf of its client Paul Burrell, as publicised today in a Statement in Open Court.

Reading out the statement in court today, Francis Leonard, an associate of the firm, emphasised Mr Burrell’s distressing ordeal arising from the unlawful interception of his voicemail messages, which took place over many years.

Paul Burrell

Mr Burrell became known in 1997 as Princess Diana’s ‘rock’, a loyal and dependable confidante to the woman who became known as the ‘People’s Princess’. After the Princess’ death that year, Mr Burrell became involved in her commemorations. He went on to become well-known amongst the general public and has made numerous television appearances and written several books since that time.

2002 trial

Mr Burrell was placed on trial for theft of Princess Diana’s belongings in 2002. The trial prompted the most intense coverage in the news all over the world, and Mr Burrell singles out the impact that he now believes, in hindsight, was caused by Mirror Group on his relationship with his lawyers, who wrongly believed as a result of MGN’s publications that Mr Burrell was being indiscrete. Mr Burrell was so distressed that he became ill, and his relationships with his family were also affected.


MGN’s legal representative offered the newspaper group’s sincere apologies to the Claimant for the damage caused to him by the obtaining of his private information and the accessing of his voicemail messages


MGN has paid Mr Burrell substantial damages, apologised and undertaken never to repeat these actions.

Photo of Paul Burrell Awarded Damages over phone hacking

Paul Burrell was butler to Diana, Princess of Wal.

Read the Full Statement

For the entire content of the statement read in open court today, see here: Paul Burrell Statement in Open Court

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