New Child and Student Routes into the UK Annouced by the British Government

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Student Visa routes announced by UK government

UK Government announces Student and Child Student routes open for applications from 5th October


Thursday 10 September: The Government has announced that the UK’s new Student and Child Student routes will open for applications on 5 October. These routes will replace upon the existing Tier 4 (General) and Tier 4 (Child) student routes.


From 5 October, all prospective international students, including those from Europe coming to study in the UK after the end of the transition period, need to apply through the Student route before arrival. The launch of the Graduate route in Summer 2021, will also make it easier for the best international graduates to secure skilled jobs in the UK.


We will be publishing more articles about Student routes shortly, so please follow us or enquire about updates HERE!



英国政府于9月10日(星期四)宣布:英国将会于10月5日起正式开放新的“学生签证”及“儿童学生签证”申请通道. 这两种签证类型会取代现有的“Tier 4 (普通)” 及 “Tier 4(儿童)” 学生签证.  从10月5日起,所有国际留学生 – 包括在英国脱欧过渡期后(2020年12月31日)到英国学习的欧盟学生,在前往英国之前都必须申请新的学生签证。而将于2021年夏季启动的毕业生签证,也会帮助国际留学生们毕业后,在英国更容易找到合适的工作.