Sponsor Licence success for Taylor Hampton Immigration Team

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Taylor Hampton Solicitors proudly demonstrates another win from our fantastic immigration team!


Our immigration solicitors at Taylor Hampton Solicitors assisted a reputable textile manufacturing company. The company director, developing his business, required a new employee to assist him with an expansion programme. The company wanted to procure a sponsor licence to employ a select candidate from Thailand. The manufacturer duly approached our immigration team.  Rather than hiring someone from the UK, he identified a Thai candidate with many years of experience. This was necessary because the company needed someone who understands their industry well.

photo of Asian Office Worker

Taylor Hampton: Another success in obtaining a sponsor licence

Proving you are the right candidate for a sponsor licence

He approached us because the candidate was the best ‘fit”. Moreover, he was a great addition to his team. Our immigration experts explained that to hire this foreign national the company would need a sponsor licence. To apply for the sponsor licence, the company must explain to the Home Office why it needs to hire this particular individual. Our immigration solicitors went over the candidate’s CV, tailored it to the role and helped to optimise the job description. Later, they submitted the papers to the Home Office. The Home Office then reviewed these papers to assess the candidate. Our team succeeded in matching the candidate’s resume and job description with an SOC. This is the Standard Occupational Classification Code.

The foreign national had never been to the UK. So our team presented the relevant criteria explaining why the HO should accept them. We proposed they come to the UK on a skilled worker visa should the authorities grant a sponsor licence. The sponsorship licence application went through without a hitch and without any requests for further information. We managed to request the certificate of sponsorship (Cos) within a day, assigning it to the candidate without any further queries!  We are now assisting this candidate in applying for their skilled worker visa.

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