Sponsorship Visa Change of Circumstances

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Sponsorship Visa: Change of Circumstances Update

Taylor Hampton Solicitors assists businesses with skilled worker sponsorship licences along with many other immigration services. This post assists with Sponsorship Visa Change of Circumstances (Cos).  Corporates have an annual quota for these visas and must request an annual allocation increase annually.

We notice some businesses assigning overseas worker sponsorship certificates saw  annual quotas automatically set to the previous year’s level. This can be a problem for UK visa applicants.

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Sponsorship Visa, Change of circumstances

Many employees used the zero setting last year because of the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, they remain at zero as things are reopening. can  Although you change this, it takes months unless you pay a £200 fee.

Many firms are in the position where their CoS allocation has been auto-set to zero. Moreover, caseworkers say there is no quick fix without payment. In this case, you should email the Sponsor Change of Circumstances team

It is important to be proactive about this if affected: Don’t assume that the zero allocation problem will be fixed unless you ask.

We can assist at Taylor Hampton with Sponsorship Visa, Change of Circumstances.

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In conclusion, our experts assist numerous organisations in applying for new licences as well as Home Office audits.  So, if you need legal assistance with your licence application, skilled worker visa application or wish to organise a mock compliance check, please contact Taylor Hampton’s immigration solicitors today on 020 7427 5972 or submit an enquiry HERE.

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