Student Visas for Nigeria – New Update on Nigeria

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Student Visa Allocation – Update on Nigeria

In early January, the Home Office temporarily stopped the allocation of student visas to Nigeria. This resulted from reports of Nigerian education agents offering loans to students. Their purpose here was to circumvent the UK’s immigration rules with respect to the financial requirements.

Colour Photograph of a Nigerian Student

Student Visa Rules

Before applying for a student visa, certain rules apply. For instance, students must first demonstrate they have the financial means to support themselves in the UK. This is done by securing the first year tuition fee. Additionally, students must demonstrate sufficient rent and expenses in a bank account. The 28 day rule does not apply.

The authorities discovered that education agents were lending money to students applying for the visa. These lenders allowed students to retain the funds in their accounts for 28 days or until grant of the Visa. After receiving their visa, they were due to pay the money back to the lenders.

The financial requirement

The financial requirement to show proof of funds is extremely important. For example, it is bad for the UK, the universities, and the students if they arrive in the country without any means to sustain themselves. International students are not eligible for benefits in the UK. Therefore, it is important that they have the means to pay their tuition fees and housing.

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