Taylor Hampton acts for Krista Kim, “the new digital Rothko” 

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Media and Art Lawyers obtain a correction over the “First NFT Digital house in the world” 


Taylor Hampton this week obtained a correction from Dezeen, an architectural magazine, in relation to a dispute over the “First NFT Digital house in the world”. 

What is Mars House?

“Mars House” is situated in an other-worldly mountain range, and sports a sleek, open plan design, with glossy windows and mirrored walls, stylish furnishings, high-tech video artwork on the floors and ceiling, and benefits from stunning views of a martian landscape bathed in a strobe-lit sky. It is, of course, not accessible in our world, but in the virtual one, made using Unreal Engine, a tool used in the making of video games.  

It was created and designed by Krista Kim, a groundbreaking contemporary artist specialising in the digital world, to explore the notion that ‘digital spaces can possess the same value, emotional significance, and utility as physical ones’.

Taylor Hampton Specialist Media and Art Lawyers act for Krista Kim

“Techism” A new movement created by Krista Kim

Dubbed ‘the new digital Rothko’ by Forbes Magazine, Kim is the founder of an art movement referred to as ‘Techism’, which advances the concept of technology as art. She also works as the metaverse editor for Vogue Singapore. Her artwork has been featured all over the world, including Singapore, Shanghai, New York and Washington DC.  

Kim sold Mars House as a non-fungible token (NFT) in 2021 in exchange for a sum in cryptocurrency worth in the region of £400,000. 

Copyright ownership dispute

In March 2021 Dezeen published an article repeating allegations made by a disgruntled former employee of Kim’s disputing her copyright ownership in the project.  

Kim subsequently fought to obtain a judgment in her home country of Canada which has completely vindicated her and declared her the sole owner of the project.  

Taylor Hampton, as specialist media and art lawyers assisted Kim in obtaining the correction which has now been published by Dezeen.   

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