Taylor Hampton

Taylor Hampton has become a founding member of the Art Due Diligence Group Ltd

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“Taylor Hampton has become a founding member of the Art Due Diligence Group Ltd, a group of legal advisors and firms who have teamed up to provide a range of services from title claim checks, recovery of stolen artworks, provenance research, dispute resolution and litigation, insurance and security services.

The firms and advisors who have joined ADDG are:

  • Chris Marinello’s Art Recovery International
  • Forensics and art research specialists Art Analysis and Research
  • Brokerage and fine art experts Vitruvian Arts Consultancy
  • A new not-for-profit database provider called Artive
  • Security and due diligence specialists Virtus Risk Management
  • Barrister chambers The 36 Group
  • Law firm Taylor Hampton Solicitors
  • Business advisor Pandora Mather-Lees Consultancy
  • Mediator Malcolm Taylor Consultancy

ADDG is targeting private collectors, dealers, museums and auction houses and said that those seeking help and advice can use “any of the services on an individual basis or subscribe to the ‘full comprehensive service’ to aid with complex transactions.”

Jessica Franses, an art lawyer, managing director of Vitruvian Arts Consultancy and a director of the ADDG said: “We have all seen what can happen when things go wrong. We are here to provide the necessary support to help minimise the risks of buying and selling art by helping with the reasonable steps that buyers and sellers can take before a sale in order to seek to avoid problems later.

“Our goal is to help to make due diligence a straightforward and standard process which works for the modern professional art trade.”