Taylor Hampton comments in the News on the Novak Djokovic visa situation

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Novak Djokovic visa saga continues – Australian Migration Issues 

The Novak Djokovic visa challenge continues to hit the headlines.  Having had his visa cancelled due to complications with his paperwork, Djokovic has now been deported.  As a result, he is back in Serbia now unable to take part in the Australian Open. This is a consequence of a federal court ruling from a panel of three judges. The judges upheld the decision of Alex Hawke, Australia’s immigration minister. The reasons for this ? They feel that if local unrest persists and also that it sets a bad example for others to side-step vaccination. 

Tennis Racket Australian Open

Novak Djokovic Saga in the Australian Open

Emigrate to Australia’s Greg Veal Comments:

Taylor Hampton’s Emigrate to Australia assists with Visas and Citizenship.  As experts in the field our Head of Department Greg Veal has been courted by the Press for his opinion on Djokovic’s situation. Greg appeared both on the BBC on 14th January and later on the Ian Collins talkback show to give an insight into the sentiment in Australia at the time and the requirements of the Australian authorities in allowing entry into the country. Getting your documentation correct is vital and seeking expert help will ensure you are less likely to be refused. Greg has handled hundreds of applications of all types in the last 15 years and understands just how tricky it can be. 

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