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Protecting your reputation - onboard a superyacht deck

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Protect Your Reputation: Daniel Taylor Interviewed by OurFacelessCrew

Reputation of owners, professionals and crew at sea is important to maintain.  In order to protect your reputation, you have to observe confidentiality and also to understand how to react to bad press.  Often, this is a difficult field for superyacht industry professionals to navigate given the highly specialist nature of this area of law.  Due to the sensationalist nature of the superyacht world, many owners wish to keep a low profile and bad news can be difficult to suppress.

Daniel Taylor, Managing Partner at Taylor Hampton Solicitors has spoken at superyacht events such as the Monaco Yacht Show and has guided crew on some of the aspects of defamation (libel and slander) and the need to respect confidentiality.

In this article “Protect Your Reputation” Daniel presents a case scenario to explain what can go wrong. He asks readers to “imagine there’s an incident on a superyacht and soon after, news spreads to the national and international press, including the tabloids. They’re speculating about what happened, suggesting it could be anything from drugs to other troubles, or worse.hey threaten to publish a story in their newspapers the next day. Reporters then approach crew members for comments and take photos. Privacy and reputation are crucial for the owner, especially if there have been previous incidents related to the vessel or to the owner themselves.”

Incidents have become more common in recent years with the burgeoning number of social media sites and websites sharing information.  If this happens to you, you will need to respond swiftly and have a partner already in place.

Full Article on Reputation Management

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Protect Your Reputation – Our Faceless Crew

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Reputation Protection is vital for superyacht crew

For more information on how to Protect Your Reputation:

For more information as to how we can help to protect your reputation please see our defamation support department HERE.  You can contact Taylor Hampton at any time on +442074275970  [email protected]


We would like to thank Tracey Boston, an experienced superyacht stewardess educating the industry in important issues.

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