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Conduct practice audits to get ready for Home Office inspections


Employers promise to fulfil all sponsorship obligations when they apply for and receive a licence to sponsor workers. The Home Office may take compliance action against sponsors who they believe have fallen short of their obligations. Otherwise it will constitute a risk to immigration control. A site visit audit is one of the best ways for the Home Office to determine whether a sponsor complies. T ensure that the sponsor is carrying out their responsibilities, they’ll examine HR records and procedures, as well as speak with staff members.

The Home Office is now focusing on a few employers and intends to utilise “every available power across government” to find and deter illegal immigrants while also making sure that only those who are qualified can work, receive benefits, and use public services.

According to the Home Office’s most recent Transparency Statistics, 315 sponsor licences were cancelled and 416 licences were suspended in 2022 alone.

Home Office Inspections UK Immigration

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Sponsor licence holders should anticipate and be ready for a Home Office audit at any of the following stages:

  • At any time during the license’s four-year validity;
  • After submitting an application for licence renewal;
  • During the pre-licence stage of the licence application process, during which the Home Office will look to inspect the organization’s HR systems and processes before granting the sponsor licence.

Additionally, if the Home Office is already aware of a pattern of compliance failures or if a civil penalty for illegal working has been given, an audit may be initiated.

Sponsors will be evaluated in the following crucial areas throughout an audit:

  1. Keeping an eye on immigration status and avoiding unlawful employment
  2. preserving migrant contact information
  3. Keeping of records and hiring procedures
  4. Monitoring and tracking of migrants
  5. every other unique sponsor obligations

Fines of up to £20,000 can be imposed for worker found to be working unlawfully as a result of non-compliance.

The sponsor licence may also be downgraded, suspended, or revoked as further sanctions for licence holders.

Home Office Inspections- Taylor Hampton Solicitors Explains

Taylor Hampton assists with Home Office Inspections

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