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ANL Apologises to Koo Stark

ANL, the publisher of the Daily Mail and Mail Online, apologised to Taylor Hampton’s client, Koo Stark, and joined her in reading a Statement in Open Court today.

In November 2019, ANL published an article falsely alleging that Ms Stark is a porn actress. This allegation is defamatory and untrue.

Apology in respect of Daily Mail article

Counsel for ANL offered “its sincere apologies” to Ms Stark “for the distress, embarrassment and upset cased to her by the publication of the Daily Mail article.” ANL accepted that “there was and is no truth in the allegation advanced about [Ms Stark] and is happy to set the record straight.”

You can read the Statement in Open Court in full here:

Stark-v-ANL QB-2021-004098 Order 25 Oct 2022 (002)

Another win for Taylor Hampton the Team Celebrating outside court today

Taylor Hampton Solicitors outside Court Today

Taylor Hampton Solicitors are experts in managing cases in the media.  For more information about the work Taylor Hampton does inn defamation, phone hacking and privacy see our Media services page HERE:

Acting for Koo Stark were Daniel Taylor and Jane Ashford-Thom.

Daniel Taylor, Partner, Taylor Hampton 

Jane Ashford-Thom, Consultant, Taylor Hampton 

Solicitor Francis Leonard Read the statement in open court.