Taylor Hampton’s Jay Joshi comments on Donald Trump’s Data Protection Action in the High Court in London

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Taylor Hampton in the New York Times

Taylor Hampton Solicitors practices in England and Wales as one of the country’s top defamation law firms.  The case in which Donald Trump is suing former intelligence officer Chris Steele, which has commenced in the High Court in England, will be followed with interest. We were recently asked for comment on why a claim under the Data Protection Act 1998 may present better prospects for Donald Trump than a claim in defamation.

Why make a claim under the 1998 Data Protection act?

Our Senior Associate, Jay Joshi is an expert on media law and speculates that whilst both defamation and data protection claims would be challenging in their own right, Donald Trump may have opted to pursue a claim under the Data Protection Act because it avoids various hurdles which would pertain to an action in defamation.  For instance this would include the statute of limitations for defamation (a claim would typically have to be brought within one year of a publication), potential jurisdictional issues, and the need to overcome the serious harm threshold.
Photo of Donald Trump from the New York Times Credit Doug Mills

Credit: Doug Mills, New York Times

Taylor Hampton Comments:

Cited in the New York Times, Jay Joshi comments:

“It avoids the obvious hurdles of a U.K. defamation claim,” said Jay Joshi, a media lawyer with the London firm Taylor Hampton. These include the statute of limitations for defamation, normally a year, and the fact that the dossier was published in the United States, not Britain. “Trump is clearly seeking some form of vindication,”

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