Update on The Skilled worker Visa and Switching In Country

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Taylor Hampton Immigration assists with skilled worker visas

The Skilled Worker Visa How do I Switch In-Country?

This update explains certain skilled worker visa requirements. This is relevant if you’re currently on a skilled worker visa wanting to change jobs or work for another employer. It discusses how to switch in-country. First, you will need to go through the process of applying for a skilled worker visa all over again.

Second, you can only apply for a new visa up to three months before the new job begins. Your new job must meet all the standard eligibility requirements of a job that qualifies for a skilled worker visa. More information on this can be found HERE.

Next, you must begin your skilled worker visa application. In this case, you will have to provide details of your previous skilled worker visa. Then you will need to provide details of your new job. Additionally, you will need to obtain a new CoS (Certificate of Sponsorship) from your new employer.  This will help you in your new skilled worker visa requirements process.

What are the associated fees for The Skilled Worker Visa Requirement?

  1. Application fees can range from £704 (for a visa up to three years) to £1,408 (for a visa for five years). This depends on your circumstances
  2. Immigration healthcare surcharge of £624 per year of your visa (a three-year visa will cost your £624. A two-year visa will cost you £624 x 2 = 1248, for example)
  3. Show you have enough money in your savings to support yourself on UK arrival. This is usually around £1270.

The Process – How do I Switch In-Country with the Skilled Worker Visa?

Once you submit your application form online and you pay the required fees, you will need to collate all your documentation and present it to a visa processing center in the UK. Moreover, at the visa processing center, you must provide your biometrics and submit your original documentation. The documentation process can be bewildering. In this case you can use the assistance of qualified solicitors to assist you such as Taylor Hampton immigration department.

Although the process of switching between skilled workers is expensive, especially when done from inside the UK, it’s necessary. The reason being to alert the Home Office that you have switched jobs. Likewise, this will allow them to keep track of workers in the country as well as keep them updated on your terms of stay in the country.

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