The Sponsor licence: How can UK companies comply with Home Office Rules?

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The Sponsor Licence Compliance and Duties

This article details the duties and commitments of an organization managing the UK Home Office sponsor licence.

A sponsor licence allows organizations, companies and firms to employ labour from outside the UK. In fact, this licence is now in much demand due to the labour shortages created by Brexit. Moreover, there are a whole host of duties an organization must follow in order to comply with the home office rules.

What are the sponsors’ duties?

Sponsors’ duties will include the following. First, should keep the home office updated and abreast of any changes in circumstances of the employee. This is not limited to changes in their employment such as increasing or decreasing duties, changes in salary or working hours. However, additional changes, for instance, in address as well as updated passport details are pertinent. The sponsor will also need to declare, update and complete any and all accreditations for the employee.

Additionally, sponsors will need to ensure that these commitments are met in order to keep their licence. Consequently, if these compliance duties are not met, it could result in various penalties and even revocation of the licence.

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Where can I find more details?

You can find more details of the exact compliance duties HERE:

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