The UK’s Electronic Visa Waiver System

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UK Electronic Visa Waiver – UPDATE


This article explains the Electronic Visa Waiver system as it currently stands.  Nationals of certain countries no longer need to apply for a visa to enter the UK for up to 6 months. Nevertheless, it applies only for UK entrants for tourism, study, business or medical treatment lasting 6 months or less.


Which countries are eligible for the waiver?

The eligibility applies to a number of Middle Eastern Countries.

The nationals of the following countries are eligible for this waiver system:

  1. Bahrain
  2. Kuwait
  3. Oman
  4. Qatar
  5. Saudi Arabia
  6. United Arab Emirates


middle eastern countries and visa waiver system

Visa Waiver System for Middle Eastern Countries

Furthermore, this waiver is good for last minute/emergency travel as well as you can apply even 48 hours before intended travel. However, the earliest you can apply is 3 months before the intended travel. This is because the move is intended to strengthen the UK’s relationship with these countries. Consequently, it enables smoother travel between the two as these countries already offer visa-free travel to UK nationals.

The Electronic Visa Waiver costs £30 and is a fairly easy process – you just have to fill out an online form.


What are the required documents?

Whilst the process is simple, you will still need to submit valid documents.  These are as follows:

  1. Passport
  2. Address in the UK where you will stay
  3. Trip itinerary – including dates and times of arrival and departure to the UK


How many entries can I make with the Electronic Visa Waiver?

The Waiver allows for only single entry. In other words, if  you want to travel again to the UK, you will need to reapply for another Waiver.

Where do I find more information?

It is always sensible to obtain expert advice so you get it right first time. For more information contact Evellyn Geemon at Taylor Hampton Solicitors who will assist with queries.  Evellyn can be reached at [email protected] or +44 207 427 5293