Transitioning to the Digital Age: The Evolution of BRP Cards

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Government’s New Digital Visa Immigration Platform

New Digital Visa Immigration platform for UK immigration

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In a move towards a more streamlined and secure immigration system, the United Kingdom is bidding farewell to traditional physical documents. For example, the biometric residence permit (BRP) is ceasing and Government is embracing the era of eVisas.  Additionally, this transition, set to take effect from 2025. Therefore it marks a significant shift in how individuals will demonstrate their immigration status within the country. Now, applicants will use a new digital visa immigration platform.

The impending expiration of BRP cards, planned for 31 December 2024, prompts individuals to adapt to the new immigration landscape. While the expiration of BRP cards does not impact immigration status per se, it signals the necessity for individuals to grasp the new system. Indeed, they must avoid any disruptions in proving their right to reside in the UK.

British citizens who have obtained citizenship since their last BRP issuance possess the right of abode in the UK. This right is demonstrated through a British citizen passport or a certificate of entitlement of the right of abode. For those holding British passports, no immediate action is required. However, individuals with a certificate of entitlement will receive further instructions in due course.

For non-British or Irish citizens, proactive measures are essential before the expiration of their BRP cards. It’s imperative to understand and engage with the new visa immigration platform introduced by the UK government. Consequently, this entails creating a UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) account. Therefore, it necessitates providing essential personal details such as date of birth, BRP number, and passport information. As well, access to an email address, phone number, and smartphone is required for account setup.

What is the eVisa?

Hence, a critical aspect of this transition is the introduction of eVisas as an electronic record of immigration status. Unlike physical documents, eVisas offer enhanced security measures, reducing the risk of loss, theft, or tampering. Furthermore, they empower individuals to manage and update their information conveniently, ensuring greater control over personal data.

As individuals prepare for international travel during 2024, Government advises continuing to carrying a valid BRP until its expiration. Still, from Summer 2024 onwards, airlines and other carriers will be equipped to digitally verify individuals’ permission to enter the UK, provided their passport or national identity document is linked to their UKVI account.

What if the BRP is damaged or lost?

In the event of a lost, stolen, or damaged BRP, individuals can refer to the latest guidance provided by the UK government to navigate the process effectively.

Embracing this transition to the digital age of immigration demonstrates the UK’s commitment to enhancing efficiency, security, and accessibility within its immigration system. By empowering individuals to manage their immigration status seamlessly, the new visa immigration platform heralds a new era of convenience and control.

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As the UK prepares to bid farewell to traditional BRP cards, it’s time for individuals to embrace the digital evolution and navigate the new immigration landscape with confidence and readiness.

This article highlights the impending transition from physical BRP cards to eVisas, emphasizing the need for individuals to adapt to the new system for seamless immigration status verification. It underscores the benefits of eVisas and provides guidance on navigating the transition effectively.