UK diver called ‘pedo’ by Musk could have a strong defamation case

By 17th July 2018 No Comments

Billionaire tech pioneer Elon Musk made the news this week when he referred to one of the British divers involved in the rescue mission in Thailand as a “pedo” in a tweet to his circa 22 million followers. Yahoo have written a commentary in relation to the incident, which Megan O’Boyle of Taylor Hampton has contributed to.

Libel specialist Megan O’Boyle of Taylor Hampton said the following: “Referring to an individual as a “pedo” is an extremely serious allegation which is highly defamatory and would almost certainly cross the threshold in terms of causing serious harm to one’s reputation, a prerequisite for bringing a libel action in English law. If the diver’s reputation has been seriously harmed here in England, he can sue.”

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