UK Immigration moving on from Brexit

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The UK and EU agree to better manage migration affairs

The UK and EU have agreed to cooperate more closely on migration. The British Government signed a deal with Frontex to help police borders. Today, Home Secretary James Cleverly will meet with European Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson to sign the agreement. They will train officials together, share intelligence, and station liaison staff to coordinate with each other.

James Cleverly explains the Government Plan

Cleverly expressed optimism about the deal. He stated, “This government has a plan to break the model of the smuggling gangs, end the abuse of our asylum system and stop the boats.” He mentioned that crossings have decreased by a third. Nevertheless, he emphasized the need to go further. Cleverly highlighted that organized immigration crime and people smuggling are global challenges that require shared solutions.

What is the deal between the UK and Frontex?

The landmark working arrangement between the UK and Frontex is another crucial step in tackling illegal migration. It aims to secure borders and stop the boats. Additionally, the deal will involve EU and UK cooperation on developing border protection technologies. For instance, they plan to utilize drones for surveillance.

Despite the cooperation, the Home Office officials clarified certain points. They stated that the deal wouldn’t require the UK to take a share of asylum seekers. Furthermore, it wouldn’t make the UK part of wider EU migration policy.

Kier Starmer’s proposition

Last year, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer proposed a similar deal. He advocated for a cross-border approach to tackling smuggling gangs. Starmer expressed interest in seeking an EU-wide returns agreement for asylum seekers who arrive in Britain. This could involve the UK agreeing to a quota of migrants it will accept from the EU each year.

However, Suella Braverman dismissed Starmer’s plan. She warned that it would “let Brussels decide who comes to the UK” and “make Britain the dumping ground for many of the millions of illegal migrants that Europe doesn’t want.”

Braverman emphasized that none of this would stop the boats. Rishi Sunak also promised to “stop the boats.” However, his attempts to implement the Rwanda scheme faced obstacles. Last year, the scheme encountered legal challenges and was ultimately blocked by the Supreme Court.


A reworked version of the legislation is currently being debated in the House of Lords. Minister for Illegal Migration Michael Tomlinson assured that as soon as the Bill passes through Parliament, “planes will take off.”  It is telling that this situation has indeed, necessitated a “Minister for Illegal Migration” and time will tell if the latest plans work.

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