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Update on care workers in the UK  

 This is an update on the Health and Care Workers visa. Earlier this year, the Home Office added Care Workers to the UK’s official shortage occupation list. This means that care workers are eligible to apply for skilled worker visas.  

care workers soc shortage occupation list

Care Workers Shortage Occupation List

In fact, it responds to the repeated calls for support the care home industry has been making over 2021 to fill labour shortages in this market. Because the pandemic made situations in care homes dire, this coupled with the labour shortages caused by Brexit, the need to bring on foreign labour became more critical.

 Which Rules have been added to the SOC?

The following roles have been added to the list of Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) codes which qualify for a Health and Care Worker visa: 

  • Care workers and home carers 
  • Care assistant 
  • Care worker 
  • Carer 
  • Home care assistant 
  • Home carer 
  • Support worker (nursing home) 

 What is the benefit of being added to the shortlist?

The benefit of addition to the shortage occupation list under the points system is that the employees will benefit from lower salary and lower visa application fees when they apply for their visas.  

Moreover, this subsidization allows care homes to hire foreign workers with less restrictions at a lower overall cost. However, care homes must apply and receive a sponsor license before they can employ foreign workers.  

 For more information:

If you are a care home and are looking at employing foreign workers, please contact Leena Chouhan.  0207 427 5972

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