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UK Points Based System:  proposed changes in 2022!

The Home Office is committed to changing the points-based system in the UK. The Government chooses to make it easier for users to understand and navigate and reduce the time it takes to bring someone to the UK.

So, it plans to modernise the immigration system and deliver a streamlined, simplified and updated sponsorship system that enables a more efficient operation, for users and the Home Office. It is one which encourages effective compliance.

The Home Office has made significant improvements to the employer sponsorship system as part of the introduction of the UK’s points-based system. As such, it reduces the length of the process to recruit a worker from overseas by up to eight weeks through:

  • removing the Resident Labour Market Test, reducing the time from identifying a need to hire a migrant worker and
    acquiring a visa for that worker by 4 weeks
  • suspending the cap on Skilled Workers, reducing processing times by up to four weeks for those it affects
  • making the sponsor licence application fully paperless, and re-designing the sponsor guidance, making the system
    simpler, more streamlined and accessible.

The priority service also gives businesses the ability to apply for faster decisions on their sponsor license applications. The pre-licence priority service is for businesses applying to join the register as a sponsor. Additionally, the post-licence priority service is on offer for existing sponsors looking to make a change.

Systems Simplification

The Home Offices wishes to in 2022 remove and simplify the system. The Government Plans to make the following changes in the coming year:

  • Review the documentary evidence for becoming a licensed sponsor and how this can be simplified.
  • Doing a review of the fees to those who use the system to ensure it remains fair for all.
  • Pilot a new salary feature with HMRC to check employers are being paid the amount that is stated on their CoS.

These changes will be welcomed by many as they will make the process a great deal easier and more transparent.

For More Information:

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