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Significant Changes to UK Immigration Rules


UK VISA Salary Thresholds Changes

Changes in income requirements for UK visa applicants take effect in April. Consequently, this will have an influence on several visas.

Skilled Worker Visas

The minimum hourly wage will increase from £10.10 per hour to £10.75 per hour. Likewise, the annual salary requirement for most Skilled Worker Visa applications will increase.  In fact, the increment is from, £25,600 to £26,200 per year, or £600.

Global Business Mobility Visa

New requirements must also be met by anyone applying for a Global Business Mobility visa. In particular this applies to the Senior or Specialist Worker route now requiring an annual income of £45,800.  Additionally, Graduate Trainee routes require an income of £24,220, and the Expansion Worker route a minimum annual salary of £45,800.

Moreover, UK Poultry workers on a Seasonal Worker Visa must meet an annual gross income of £26,200 as opposed to the previous requirement of £25,600. As well, the Scale-Up pay barrier moves up from £33,000 to £34,600.

The update includes information on how the calculation of “going rates” has changed as a result of the move to a 37.5-hour work week from a 39-hour work week. This will especially affect people who work odd hours or shift schedules.

For more information

Taylor Hampton solicitors’ immigration department handles a variety of cases for UK visas and immigration. We keep abreast of developments including these UK VISA Salary Thresholds Changes to assist applicants with Visa processing.

So, for more information on the changes to the immigration rules please contact Evellyn Geemon on 0207 427 5293.

Additionally, see here for a government update on UK VISA Salary Thresholds Changes.