Visa and citizenship announcement for Hong Kong’s British Nationals (Overseas)

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Hong Kong’s BN(O), Government Announces Special Visa Scheme

Good news for Hong Kong British Nationals (Overseas) status holders


Following the adoption of national security law for Hong Kong, the UK government announced a bespoke visa regime for all BN(O) (British Nationals (Overseas)) status holders of Hong Kong

According to the Home office records and Statistics, there are as many as 300,000 Hong Kong BN(O) passport holders in the UK and almost 3 million overseas.

The new visa regime will allow all BN(O) status holder together with their dependents to apply for a leave to remain that will subsequently lead to full British citizenship.

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Future visa regime for Hong Kong BN(O)s

  • BN(O)s and their dependents can apply for a 5-year visa to stay in the UK.
  • The visa allows BN(O)s to work, study and reside in the UK.
  • No quotas on numbers of people to apply.
  • Ability to apply for settlement at the end of 5-year period.
  • Full path to British citizenship after 12 months of holding a settlement status.

Full details of the visa application process and application fees are due to be announced by the Home Secretary Priti Patel with implementation procedures in the upcoming months.

In the interim, please contact us to discuss what UK visa options available for Hong Kong citizens by following this LINK