Your Questions Answered on the BN(O) Visa – English Language Requirements

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English Requirement for BN(O) Visa – Common questions answered

Many Hong Kong nationals who are also BN(O) status holders are considering immigration to the UK under the new BN(O) visa. This visa is going to open for the applicants from 31 January 2021. In the meantime, many people are contacting us to find out more about the requirements.

One of the hot topics is the English language requirement with the following questions being raised:

  • Is there an English language requirement for the BN(O) Visa?
  • Do my dependents need to learn English to apply for BN(O) Visa?
  • Do I need to learn English to apply for BN(O) Visa?
  • Do I need to take an English language test when applying for the BN(O) Visa?
  • Can I still apply for the BN(O) Visa if my English is bad?

Hong Kong BN(O) visa applicants and their dependents must show commitment to learning English in the UK. The good news is that there is no requirement to show that you have achieved any level of English language qualification or passed any English exam upon entering the UK borders or applying for a BN(O) visa.

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Indefinite Leave to Remain – English Requirements

However, you may consider starting to study and working on your English skills after you move to the UK. This is highly advisable not just because it would make your life in the UK easier and you can find a job here. After 5 years of residence in the UK, all BN(O) visa holders will be able to apply for a settlement (Indefinite Leave to Remain) in the UK. To qualify for settled status, you must meet the English language requirement. Therefore, you would need to prove your knowledge of the English language by passing an English test (at B1 or higher level) or having completed a degree (taught or research) in English.

You can be exempted to prove your knowledge of English if you are aged 65 or over, or you are unable to do so due to a long-term physical or mental condition. The latter must be supported by a completed Exemption Form from your doctor to confirm your physical or mental condition. For more information please contact: [email protected].  We also have Chinese language speakers.