UK Youth Mobility Scheme and Working Holiday Scheme – Update

This update will inform immigration applicants on the UK Youth Mobility Scheme.

In recent immigration news, New Zealand the UK have recently come to an agreement. It means they have agreed to change aspects of the Youth Mobility Visa Scheme and Working Holiday Visa scheme

They have agreed to make the following changes to the schemes in both countries.  As a result, this will facilitate a smoother migration process encouraging people to move from either country to the other.

In fact they have now extended the age for the Youth Mobility visa 18-35 from 18-30 adding another 5 years to the scheme. Additionally, they have also extended the scheme to three years in both countries. Also, there is an extension to the length of time visa holders can work to three years (i.e. visa holders can work for the full duration of the visa). New Zealand has introduced an cap of 15,000 places for UK nationals applying under the Working Holiday Scheme (New Zealand still has no cap).

However, this update is scheduled to be implemented only in 2024 and updates on its implementation will be provided in 2023.

UK Youth Mobility Scheme

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