British Nationals (Overseas) renewal – Is your passport up to date?

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British Nationals (Overseas) renewal 

– Is your passport up to date?

This renewal reminder applies to people living in Hong Kong who were British overseas territories citizens and registered as British Nationals (Overseas) (BN(O)) before 1 July 1997. It is impossible to become a BN (O) if you have not registered before that date. There are an estimated 3 million BN(O) citizens in Hong Kong now.

The importance of this status became very crucial in the last few months. This is after the UK government announced a bespoke visa route for those Hong Kong residents wanting to relocate to the UK amid China’s security law.

You can read more details about the new visa in our previous article here. However, the route is still not open for applications. It will require implementation by the Home Office of this visa into the UK Immigration Rules. We expect to receive more details and the opening of the scheme in the coming months.

In the meantime, what can you do to prepare yourself for this visa?

British Overseas Territories Citizens from Hong Kong registered as BN (O)

Make sure your BN(O) passport is up to date!

Those applying for the new visa will need to provide evidence of their BN(O) status. Therefore, providing the latest current BN(O) passport will be necessary for the application. It is still unclear whether the Home Office will accept any other alternative evidence of BN(O) status aside from the current passport. Therefore, it is important to get the application through speedily, and accurately, to avoid unnecessary delays in the future.

Photograph of two passports, one United Kington and one Chinese

Passport Applications BN (O)

Taylor Hampton’s immigration department will assist with you with the renewal application to make sure it is done correctly and efficiently. We will ensure you are ready to apply for a new visa. We understand that many people will seek the security of the UK residence.  It is therefore important you are ahead of the queue and don’t endure bureaucratic pitfalls and processing delays.

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