Faster clearances on work and study visas – Taylor Hampton Explains

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UKVI Priority for visas reinstated after months-long gap


Here Taylor Hampton explains the context around the UKVI Priority services. Earlier this year, UKVI and its visa processing partners had temporarily stopped priority and super priority routes for all visas applied from outside the UK.

Ten days ago, UKVI reinstated processing for entry clearance applications for work and study from outside the UK. However, this is not available at every location so do check with your visa service provider if they are currently offering this service. If they are, you must book the service online when you are paying your application fee. Additionally, you will not be able to use this service unless you pre-book it online.


Why was the UKVI service stopped? 

Earlier this year the Government temporarily stopped the service. The reason cited was due to the increasing number of caseworkers pulled from these departments to handle the increasing influx of applications coming in from Ukraine. The war in Ukraine put additional pressure on an already busy department.  Nevertheless, UKVI has now addressed the issue and resuming services.


How does the priority service assist students on the move?

The priority services have been reinstated just in time for the influx of students coming to the UK starting classes in September. No doubt that UKVI has allowed for priority services to allow more students to make it to the UK in time for their classes.

Student on the move with backpack Taylor Hampton Solicitors visas

Students on the Move: Taylor Hampton Solicitors assists with visa services


How do I get further updates?

The UK Visa services routes and services continually change to respond to current circumstances.  Taylor Hampton Solicitors continually updates its team on immigration matters so as to assist applicants. Therefore our online updates exist to assist clients and potential applicants with current UK Immigration rules. This reinstatement is good news for students and potential job applicants. The pre-booking online technology enables faster clearances.  For more information or specific queries, please contact Evellyn Geemon our Immigration Paralegal on +4402074295293