Is a new immigration plan imminent for the UK?  

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Update considers the UK Government’s Immigration Plans 

This update considers whether the UK Government will implement a new immigration plan. Continuing with the Government’s new policy to boost the economy, Liz Truss continues to to increase immigration prospects. While the recent focus has been to open up more routes to immigration, rumors are that Liz Truss will further loosen immigration rules. This reflects an attempt to fill vacancies desperately needed to drive economic growth. Therefore perhaps there is a new immigration plan imminent for the UK.

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What changes will occur? 

Specific changes will occur in lifting the cap on seasonal workers and particularly the engineers necessary to fill vacancies. Such vacancies arise seasonally and include poultry butchers and strawberry farmers for instance. 

Moreover further changes planned will take place within the ‘shortage occupation list’. The ‘shortage occupation list’ means that specific sectors can recruit more overseas workers. However, this will happen in a targeted manner within the sectors that most need it.  

When will the changes take place? 

Government changes can take time to implement.  Nevertheless, there is some urgency here and while the specific changes have not been announced, we assume sometime soon.  In fact, we understand we are to learn more about these new plans in time for the Christmas and winter seasons. 

For More information on how to keep abreast of the changes

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