Spousal Visa Financial Requirements (pension income)

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Spousal Visa Financial Requirements (pension income)

This article covers Spousal Visa Financial Requirements as regards Pension Income.

Following our previous update on spousal visa financial requirements, we explained different ways for couples to meet financial requirements. To prove you meet the spousal visa financial requirements, one such way is through your pension income for example.

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Spousal visa financial requirements

This means the applicant can rely on a combination of pension plus savings. However, it applies if neither individually meets the £18,600 financial threshold set by the Appendix FM. Therefore, the applicant can show pension incoming if they are state pensioners, occupational pensioners, or private pensioners.

How does the pension income apply to the Spousal Visa Financial Requirements?

In fact, pension applicants can show their pension income if they were a pensioner 28 days before the making the application. As pensions are recurring and mostly permanent, there is no need to show 6 months of bank statements of receiving the pension. That is unless the applicant is also relying on another source of income. However, if the applicant is relying on another source of income, they will need to show 6 months of pension received in their bank account.

What must applicants show?

It is important to show the right documentation when considering any visa application. In terms of evidencing the pension income, applicants must show documentation from the pension providers confirming  receipt of pension and the amount. Taylor Hampton provides a number of different visa services for UK immigration and Australian Migration.


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