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Greg Veal talks “Emigrate to Australia”

Greg Veal

Emigrate to Australia’s expert Greg Veal







Emigrating to Australia

Taylor Hampton Solicitors operates Emigrate-to-Australia which is a dedicated division of the law firm.  In particular, it assists with Australian Migration.  Head of Department, Greg Veal, has been on the road with interviews on the radio on the 16th of February and a talk at the Down Under Live exhibition on Saturday 4th March of this year.

In fact, the first broadcast addressed Australian migration and what is needed to move to Australia. Accordingly, BBC Radio 3 presenter Vic Hope conducted the interview with Greg.  Additionally, on the same day Greg was interviewed for a second broadcast. This time, however,  it was a more general chat with LBC Radio presenter Daniel Barnett. Again, this covered the requirements and legalities for a successful migration.

What is Down Under Live?

Afterwards, Greg atttended the Down Under Live Exhibition.  This is an annual event in Birmingham dedicated to those who want to Emigrate to Australia. It presents a number of exhibitors, talks and presentations explaining what the opportunities are and how to migrate successfully.  Greg discussed in particular, the Points Based system, the EOI Expression of Interest System and the various types of Sponsorship available.  Australia is a popular destination right now and offers a variety of jobs, activities and a healthy outdoor lifestyle.  For many this is a positive life changing decision.  Greg shared his experience, demystifying much of the protocol and processes and routes to a new life Down Under.

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For More Information:

To visit the Australian Migration Website see here: Emigrate-to-Australia

Additionally, for more information contact Greg on 0207 427 5975 or [email protected]

Greg is assisted by Evellyn Geemon who can be reached on 02074275293

Australian Migration was the subject at Down Under Live in Birmingham on the 4th of this March.