VISA Waiting time delays – UPDATE

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uk visas waiting times

UK Visa wait times increase

UPDATE – Delays explained over UK Visa Applications


This article explains the delays in visa waiting times and why delays are occurring.

Since March 2022, the Home Office has made many changes to the usual structure of the UK immigration procedure. This is to accommodate Ukrainians fleeing the situation in their home country.

However, this means that the Home Office is now dealing with an unprecedented amount of visa applications for entry into the UK.

How long are the Visa waiting times?

So since March, all priority services for visa applications related to work, study and family applications from abroad are temporarily suspended. Also, the official guidance is that UK Immigration expects to take even longer than usual on the standard non-priority application. In fact, the current estimate for wait times for approval is over 6 weeks.

In the specific case of family applications from abroad, the usual long waiting time of 12 weeks is now around 24 weeks.

At the time of writing, priority services for applications from within the UK are still available for certain visa routes. It is worth taking a look at the link below in order to determine whether your application is eligible for priority services at this point in time.


The information on the page can change so please do check it regularly.

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